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Products Innovative, Reasonable, Diverse.

profine is a leading global producer of PVC-U profiles for windows and doors as well as a renowned provider of shutter system solutions and PVC sheets. We have made synthetics our art. For you! Discover the world of profine products - time and again.

Innovative Reasonable Diverse

Window & Door Systems Designed for you.

Window systems from the brand names KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL are the result of decade-long research and development: we produce brand and country-specific profile systems made out of PVC-U, with several thousand individual profiles.

Choose from a broad range of colours and decorative laminate, use the advantages of our special systems, for example in combination with aluminum. We also set standards in the area of window ventilation systems.  

Optimal protection for your property: with our sophisticated systems technology, we fulfill the highest quality and safety standards for residential doors.

Further information about the products from our brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL can be found on the following internet sites:

  • KBE
  • Trocal
System 76

Light Life Hightech

Sliding Systems Sliding systems and doors

Discover a completely new living experience. Whether it is the countryside or an urban skyline - with maximum opening and closing comfort, excellent energy performance and architectural added value.

The most varied requirements can be met with our sliding door systems - for balcony and terrace doors: more home comfort, more light and the very special installation conditions of particular regions.   

With the PremiDoor series, we offer you premium class lift/ sliding door systems and with the sliding door system PremiLine, we provide you with a universal system for various areas of application for which sliding elements are required.

Further information about the products from our brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL can be found on the following internet sites:

  • KBE
  • Trocal
PremiDoor 88 lux

Design Protection Architecture

Shutter Systems

Our shutter system programme includes the production ranges RolaPlus and OmbraPlus, which have an outstanding reputation in the industry with their rolling and French shutter systems. A highlight in the product group is our add-on box system VariNova for rolling shutters.

profine also offers an extensive roller shutter slat programme for RolaPlus and all of the standard market roller shutter boxes.

Different French shutter systems give every house an individual character, from rustic to elegant. All of the shutters provide reliable privacy, noise, heat and intrusion protection.

Discover now the world of our shutter systems in its entirety:


Variety Quality Experience


With the extrusion of PVC-U sheets, our brand KÖMMERLING ranks as a global leading manufacturer due to its many years of experience and it has made a lasting impression on the industry with its PVC-U sheets.

With the product KömaCel, KÖMMERLING was and is the pioneer for integral skin foam sheets. For many years, KömaDur has been regarded in the industry as a generic term for hardboards.

This is just to name a few examples. Seven sheet products- an endless variety of application possibilities. With their individual features, the profine products are now an essential part of advertising, trade fair constructions, the building sector and in the industry.   

Discover the entire range of our sheets:

sheet systems

Ideas Create Solutions

Building Components & Profiles

Our business unit ATG (Accessories and Traded Goods) offers a broad portfolio of intelligent solutions for home and window.

In addition to innovative products for retrofitting and upgrading windows and doors, part of the range are also pre-configured kits in the areas of privacy, balcony, fence and small garden buildings. Our highlight is currently a pergola set with 16 model variants. 

Find out more about our solutions for tailor-made components and kits:


gate systems

Striving for Excellence

Innovations Discover the future!

Our engineers work continuously on new generations of products with optimal characteristics which also set standards with respect to the conservation of valuable resources.

To that effect, we combine the experience, know-how, creativity and innovative strength of the brand names KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL.  

We are constantly researching in the central fields of window technology. At the moment, our innovation focus lies in the areas:

Window ventilation technology

Your pioneers for a good climate: with our intelligent window ventilation technology, we stand at the forefront of development. You can look forward to a healthy, value-preserving living climate in your property. We offer solutions that are perfectly aligned to the window systems of KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL.

Our latest products are the result of the systematic further development of the profine ventilation systems, which have proven their worth innumerable times.

ClimaTec 76 is a self-regulating ventilation system for the centre seal version of our system 76. With REGEL- air 76, we have included a proven product for windows of the weather seal version of System 76, and adapted it to the specific technical requirements of the profile series.  

These window ventilation systems promote the controlled air exchange between inside and outside, and hence they improve the indoor climate and contribute to the prevention of mould formation.

Further information about the products of our brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL can be found on the following internet sites:

  • KBE
  • Trocal

Energy efficiency

With excellent materials and intelligent constructions, we enhance the material usage with profiles for windows and residential doors- and maximise its full potential. Benefit from our solutions for energy-efficient constructions. At the same time, you do not have to make economies on the visual appearance. With our innovative window profile systems of the brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL, we provide solutions that will convince you both on an aesthetic and a functional level.

With the technology, proEnergyTec, we deliver prefoamed profiles, with which our partners can efficiently achieve the highest insulating value on the window.

Further information about the products of our brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL can be found on the following internet sites:

  • KBE
  • Trocal

Surface design

proCoverTec, 87 laminates, aluminum solutions – countless colours for the window! Alongside wooden structures and plain colours, profine also offers window laminates with brushed metal surfaces. In addition to various solutions with conventional aluminum covers, profine also offers you something special with this material: AluFusion combines the materials of aluminum and plastic on the window in a unique way.

With proCoverTec, we have developed an innovative surface technology for PVC-U window profiles to market maturity. It combines functionality with durability and aesthetics. proCoverTec significantly upgrades conventional windows. The surface finishing which is unique in the industry, is achieved by a new type of liquid synthetic material. It durably protects the window profile from dirt, it is weather-resistant and it gives you an elegant silk-matt finish.  

Further information about the products of our brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL can be found on the following internet sites:  

  • KBE
  • Trocal