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http://www.trocal-profile.comIn 1954 the first mass-produced plastic windows in the world were introduced – by TROCAL. Since then, TROCAL has made a substantial contribution to the development of plastic profiles for window and door systems in its capacity as an all-round supplier.

TROCAL always works in collaboration with window manufacturers, building owners, planning offices, residential construction companies and test institutes so as to be able to provide solutions for the high requirements arising from constantly changing market conditions.  The results of this cooperation were, for example, the first centre seal in the window frame, a separate
dowel chamber in the zone not exposed to weathering, and also the patented Crosschamber web shape that gives higher torsional stiffness and better U-values.

TROCAL creates close ties between customers and window makers through its commitment and professional preparation of the market, together with architects and decision-makers.

In 1975, TROCAL invented a type of robust coloured window profile that was suitable for everyday use and was the first to produce the TROCAL AcrylProtect product line, a mass-produced coextruded coloured profile with acrylic coating (PMMA).

There are additional colour options over and above TROCAL AcrylProtect: the foil-covered profiles of the TROCAL DecoStyle range or the aluminium cladding system for profiles, TROCAL AluClip
TROCAL offers the following range of products:

  • TROCAL InnoNova_70
  • TROCAL AluClip
  • TROCAL InnoSafe Residential door range
  • TROCAL AirMatic
  • TROCAL ComfoLip
  • TROCAL AluFusion
  • TROCAL 88+
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